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A Responsive Multi Level Dropdown Menu Plugin With Icons For WordPress: WPBootM

WPBootM is a responsive multi level dropdown menu plugin for WordPress, based on famous twitter bootstrap framework it also supports text based icons using font-awesome iconic fonts. All the features of WPBootM plugin are customizable from plugin option page, where you change the menu bar color, menu item color, menu text color, add logo to your menu. Along with image based logo there is an option for text based logo as well.

A Responsive Multi Level Dropdown Menu Plugin With Icons For WordPress: WPBootM

WPBootM Features

  • Responsive
  • Supports Text Based Icons
  • Supports Text and Image Based Logo
  • Easily Customizable Color Scheme

Installing WPBootM Plugin

Download the WPBootM plugin from the download button below and extract the plugin into Plugins directory of your WordPress installation. Now login to admin panel of your WordPress installation and click Plugins menu and activate the WPBootM menu plugin.

installing WordPress Plugin Step 1

Once plugin is activated the next step is to customize the plugin as per your requirements.

installing WordPress Plugin Step 3

installing WordPress Plugin Step 3

Using WPBootM

Using WPBootM is very easy if you know how to build the navigation menu in WordPress then there is nothing new you’ll have to do here to use WPBootM menu. One thing you need to know is usage of icons in menu, currently you’ve to add the icons using the title field of menu in the admin panel and you’ve to manually type in the icon from font-awesome. To find full range of icons available in font-awesome you can browse this link.

[NOTE:] The demo is currently pointing to HTML version and will be updated once the WordPress demo is ready shortly.

Download WPBootMView Demo

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