Fast and Simple Links Box Navigation Menu: BoxyMenu

Fast and Simple Links Box Navigation Menu BoxyMenu

If you are thinking about giving a facelift to your website, experimenting with navigation menu is perhaps the most effective way to do that. A well-designed navigation menu would not only make your website simple and usable but … Read more


Multi Level Hierarchical jQuery Menu: jQSimpleMenu

Multi-Level Hierarchical Drop Down Menu: jQsimplemenu

As your website grows, so does the need for better navigation and sometimes the navigation becomes the driving force for better user experience. jQSimpleMenu is a multi-level hierarchical jQuery drop down menu that helps you add drop down … Read more


jQuery Content/Thumbnail Slider V2.0: jsCarousel V2.0

jquery carousel slider

This is the updated version of jsCarousel, click here for original post. jsCarousel v2.0 is a jquery slider plugin that slides contents in multi direction. Now it supports both horizontal and vertical orientation, see the screen shot below. … Read more


jQuery Pagination Plugin: Smart Paginator

smart pagination plugin

Smart Paginator is a comprehensive jQuery Pagination plugin that makes adding pagination very simple task, all the navigation logic is built in and it is also very customizable. Smart Paginator jQuery Pagination plugin can also filter your data … Read more


XML Driven Breadcrumb Navigation with jQuery: Smart Breadcrumb

xml driven breadcrumb navigation plugin

What are breadcrumbs? Breadcrumbs are simply hyperlinks that lead sequentially to the current page. Breadcrumbs are an effective part of user experience studies. They help user to navigate easily to any of the pages in the trail. Your … Read more