Free HTML5 Portfolio / Business Template: Neoarts

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25 Responses

  1. Miguel Oyer says:

    Hello Guys, I’m extrmely happy with your neoarts template. I was successful in configuring it just the way I wanted it. You may see my version at my website This time, I’m writing to you to give you my most profound thanks, but to beg of you to offer a responsive version of this fabulous template of yours. Such version would bring your neoarts template up to date and into the latest and most thought after style. My most sincere and deepest thanks for this support you give us newbies.

  2. paul says:

    Congratulations on this good work! …How to work with the contact form? In HTML code replacement action = “#” for action = “” and does not work. What is the correct way.

    In general.js file, in the part of “Form Validation functio” there is a url parameter: ‘send_form_email.php’. This php file should be created?

    Thanks for sharing, greetings from Chile.

  3. JojoSs says:

    I love, is there a solution for mobile (iPhone)?

    Thank you work

  4. Raf says:

    Hi. Great template, but is it possible to make the MAIN tab open when the website loads?

  5. Alan Barnes says:

    What web design software was used to create the NeoArt Template?

  6. Ron Wolpa says:

    Having a hard time to make this site to work online.
    On my local disk it works perfectly but as I upload to the server the problems come up;
    It is weird because if all scripts work locally (it doesn´t depend upon server ) it should work online as well. ?!

  7. Jacques says:

    Really a good job, congratulation.
    I’m now using this for create my wife association web site.
    One question: Possibly to open the “main” tab for default when appear the main page ?

  8. Oswel says:

    How to work with the contact form? I have not find a way to make it to my mail.

  9. Really nice theme….good job..

  10. Thanks for sharing, good theme !

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