Free HTML5 Portfolio / Business Template: Neoarts

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22 Responses

  1. JojoSs says:

    I love, is there a solution for mobile (iPhone)?

    Thank you work

  2. Raf says:

    Hi. Great template, but is it possible to make the MAIN tab open when the website loads?

  3. Alan Barnes says:

    What web design software was used to create the NeoArt Template?

  4. Ron Wolpa says:

    Having a hard time to make this site to work online.
    On my local disk it works perfectly but as I upload to the server the problems come up;
    It is weird because if all scripts work locally (it doesn´t depend upon server ) it should work online as well. ?!

  5. Jacques says:

    Really a good job, congratulation.
    I’m now using this for create my wife association web site.
    One question: Possibly to open the “main” tab for default when appear the main page ?

  6. Oswel says:

    How to work with the contact form? I have not find a way to make it to my mail.

  7. Really nice theme….good job..

  8. Thanks for sharing, good theme !

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