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Free Premium HTML Admin/Backend Template For Web Applications: BlueWhale Admin

Creating a website that is elegant and at the same time compatible with all the major devices and browsers requires lot of effort and investment. Time is the core factor for most of the successful applications over the web and almost every business application. If you are a stack holder in an ongoing web application development whether you are developer, designer or the owner of the business, BlueWhale is perfect for you to adapt according to your business needs.

BlueWhale is a Free Premium HTML Admin/Backend Template for Web Applications based on 960 Grid CSS it has an elegant fluid layout which adjusts automatically as you change the screen size.

BlueWhale Free Premium HTML Admin Template Features

  • Built on top of 960 Grid CSS Framework
  • Light Weight and Valid HTML
  • Minimal Graphics for Fast Loading
  • Integrated WYSIWYG Editor
  • CSS3 Plain and Iconic Buttons
  • Cross Browser Compatible
  • DataTables
  • Charts
  • Two Image Galleries
  • jQuery UI Controls
  • Elegant CSS3 Notifications

BlueWhale Free Premium HTML Admin Template Pages

Dashboard: Dashboard is the landing page after user logs in, it contains charts and additional controls to display summary of your organizational data

Controls: This page demonstrates the usage of all the UI controls that are integrated with BlueWhale HTML Admin e.g. Single line text box control with different sizes, labels for different status messages, fancy radio/text buttons, dialogs, date picker, progress bar, drop down lists and WYSIWYG text editor

Charts and Graphs: This page contains charts & graphs e.g. Bar charts, line charts, pie charts and bubble charts

Data Table: Fully integrated sortable/searchable, pagination supported data grid

Typography: This page shows visual hierarchy used in the template

Image Gallery: Contains a popup supported image gallery

Filtered Image Gallery: Image gallery with filter and popup support

Notifications: Displaying 4 different notifications


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  10. I will definitely keep your credits in the code. But would you like us to leave the “BlueWhale Admin. All rights reserved” too?

  11. this is awesome, thank you for this. Did you develop it? I have a question – how to dynamically populate the graphs and charts? Could you please refer to the page we need to edit and add our code in?

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  16. blesses from india ..

    this is one of the best template i have found so far on internet ..

    it is not only for admin i can say .. we can use it for front end also ..

    great work .. . thanks ..

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  24. I ended up figuring this one out. It’s in the layout.css file under ‘DataTables sorting’. After adjusting the backgroup image to align left and the text to align right, I think it makes the sorting function a little clearer.



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