Free Responsive HTML5 Portfolio / Business Website Template: Brownie

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138 Responses

  1. Fifarafa says:

    I would like to say to U Muhammad, that this is an awsome theme, and I like it very much. But two things cannot stop bothering me. This may be stupid, since im far far away from being a pro, but:
    1. There is a slight movement (left-right) of whole page “Full Widht” compering to every other page. How can I align it? I’m guessing that this have something to do with the content of the pages that force to change “auto” on .container margins. Like i say i’dont know this things too much.
    2. How can I force the footer to stay at the bottom of the page? There is a lot o Howto’s on the web, but since Brownie is pretty advanced
    construction to me i couldnt find a simple solution that would work by 100%. This would really improve the look of pages where there is not enough content to force the footer to move down.

    I know that U sharnig great work for free, and cannot expect u to fulfill every user wishs, but I would be grateful if you could solve this for us.

  2. Katja says:

    thanks a lot for this great template.

    My question: Is it ok to write in the footer “© Brownie by Muhammad Shahbaz Saleem “(with a link to this page) and after this my name(as person who bring it into line) ?
    Copyright is sometimes awfull, so I want to do all correctly.. Would it be ok that way?

  3. Mike Hochman says:

    Hey I was wondering if I can use this for base for a client. I just want to make sure you don’t mind me replacing the content with my own. Thanks

  4. Carlos says:

    hi great template butt I’m having a problem whit the slider it docent work on internet explorer 8 docent even show can anyone help thank you

  5. Beautiful templete. This is very helpful.

  6. Very awesome templates, Thanks you.

  7. DC says:

    Great template. One question. How to make the submenus appear onmouseclick instead of mouse over. Tks in advance.

  8. Josh says:

    These free templates look so good.

  9. Pedro says:

    I need help, this template no works in IE, why?
    PD: sorry for my english

  10. David says:

    Thank you so much for the template. I have a question I wonder if you can help with.

    Is it possible that the script can be changed so that when the site is rendered on a smartphone (using portfolio 3 columns) the div that holds the text below the image can grow to accommodate the whole text?

    div class=”portfolio_1_3″>

    I mean the text that goes in this span as min tends to go on and on for a while :-)

    Thank you in advance

  11. Peter says:

    Great job. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Peter Demel says:

    Very awesome templates. Thanks for sharing this.

  13. Diego says:

    Hi I would like to know what is the code to post on the blog, since I’m using the template but to give post review, I performed some action, greetings.

  14. Yanina says:

    Hi again! can you send me the link of this website too to my email because I am trying and the web doesn´t work!
    Thank you so much!! The website it´s great


  15. Manuel Mandujano says:


    Thanks for the template (brownie) is a great job, I am using it as a base for a website I’m working on, I wonder if I can add my own code to css and edit some images to suit my needs.

  16. manoj says:

    i am veri happy after using uor responsive design


  17. laffi says:

    i am getting error in “Please complete all required fields.” even though i filled all form correctly.
    tested in server.

  18. Marek Andreansky says:

    I’ve used your template but the portfolio page (portfolio_details.html) is not working properly. The keys for left and right image are not working, nor is any form of auto slideshow working.

    The main page (index.html) is working fine, as it uses a different script.

  19. Ahmad says:

    hmm that’s great template i like your work..

  20. John Gale says:


    thanks for the template (Brownie), I thought it looked great.

    However followed instructions but when i press send key on contact form I get a message in red saying I have not completed all the fields. But I have. Yes I have put my email address i the appropriate place.
    Many thanks.

  21. Laffont says:

    I would like to use your template for SPIP, which is a system for publishing content under GPL Licence.
    Please, let me know if i can do it? Is-it completely free (GPL Licence)?

    Great work,

  22. Guillaume says:

    Great job! Thanks :)

  23. You need to write some javascript.

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