jQuery Responsive Horizontal Accordion Image Slider: raccordion

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19 Responses

  1. Pankit says:


    I guess this version requires OLD jquery version.
    Have you updated the plugin?


  2. Scott Sibson says:


    Firstly I just want to say thank you for the raccordion plugin, it is excellent. I am having an isssue with it on Chrome, basically I’m initializing it from within a Joomla Article, and it works perfectly on Firefox and IE (8 anyway), but for some reason it breaks on Chrome, any ideas. I will continue to try and find a solution, but if have had this issue before then any feedback would be useful.


  3. Very useful plugin. I need some features for my project:

    1- make plugin initiate on page ready not page load:
    var width = accordionWrapper.find(‘.slide img:eq(0)’).width();
    if(!width) {
    var width = settings.slideWidth;

    2- change activeSlide: 0 to activeSlide: -1 in setting and make this change:
    if (settings.activeSlide = 0)…

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