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Pure CSS Based Multi Level Responsive Navigation Menu: BootM

With more and more robust CSS frameworks coming each day, it has become very easy to create responsive HTML documents. In fact it’s now a fun thing to work the HTML and CSS using these CSS frameworks. Combining these frameworks with some CSS3 features you can create widgets like menus without writing any Javascript.

We are providing a menu system using the famous bootstrap CSS framework and we call it BootM. BootM is a pure CSS based navigation system, its responsive, supports unlimited levels and icons as well.

Pure CSS Based Multi Level Responsive Navigation Menu

BootM Features

  • No Javascript
  • Based on bootstrap
  • Responsive
  • Unlimited levels
  • Text Based Icons

Using BootM Menus

To start using the BootM menu add the following references in the head section of your HTML document.

Now you need to create the required mark-ups like this.

Following are the classes to be used for each element in the menu.

  • Menu Bar: nav-collapse collapse navbar-responsive-collapse
  • List Element: nav
  • Dropdown Menu Item: dropdown
  • Dropdown Menu: dropdown-menu
  • Nsted Dropdown: dropdown-submenu

Note: In the next release of BootM all these classes will be handled automatically.

Download BootMView Demo

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