Responsive Business Portfolio Template Built Using Twitter Bootstrap: Agency

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62 Responses

  1. Sourabh Soni says:

    contact form is not working, its giving an error while sending ….please suggest what should i do…..

    I have edited this website… you can check my URL and try to send text using contact form.. you will get an error…please help me and send me suggestion on my email id _ ..pls do ASAP

  2. Mateus says:

    Is there any WordPress version of this theme?

  3. Thanks very good templates :)

  4. Buyung says:

    Thats its good template

  5. Uros says:

    Hello Muhammad,

    It is realy neat theme, nicely done :)
    I read somewhere that this (Agency) theme is in proces of going from HTML version to WP template.
    Is this correct? How far?

    Kind regards

  6. Nicola Worthington says:

    The background on the responsive mobile and iPad sizes runs all the way from the top to the darker footer without any white space as in the full desktop version. I’ve notice that your demo does this as well is there any way to correct this so the banner image stays in the top area as the desktop version?

  7. Rahul says:

    Nice template.It will be great if you provide it as a joomla template.

  8. Khalid says:

    I am unable to download it. Link doesn’t work on IDM. Any direct link to download this one?

  9. Jose says:

    Hi, the install process failed.
    It said that style.css is missing (which I could confirm when I unzipped your file).
    How can I fix that issue?



  10. Tim says:

    This is awesome guys, thanks. But have you viewed on an iPad or iPhone? Do you think you could fix the header image issue?


  11. Reece says:

    Thanks, this layout came in really handy for my portfolio – just a few edits and it was perfect! Thanks a bunch.

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