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Thursday Roundup # 1

Wondering what ‘Thursday Roundup’ is, it is weekly roundup of interesting and useful resources for developers and designers. Enjoy the first episode and send us your feedback.

Things Not to Do when Designing Responsive Layouts

Responsive Layouts – this is perhaps one of the most discussed topics on web design forums and communities. In fact, responsive layout has become de facto standard for modern web designs. It is majorly because of huge proliferation of hand held devices like tablets and smartphone, and availability of display screens of all sizes and resolutions (I myself use Internet on as big as my 23 inches LED display and as small as 3 inches display screen of my Xperia X10 mini).

So if you are into designing responsive layout for you next web design, here is a list of things to avoid in your responsive layout design.

CSS Tutorials for Designing App Store Style Buttons

If you are into CSS, you would definitely love this tutorial by Joshua Johnson. This simple tutorial provides code snippets and step-by-step guide to designing your own App Store style buttons with CSS from concept to finishing.

Effective Blogging

If you have not started blogging yet, start today; I have many reasons for writing a blog.
If you already write a blog, you would agree that writing effective content is a real ordeal. By ‘effective’, we do not mean ‘optimized for search engines’. Content is effective when it is optimized for audience. It is easy to skim and quick to understand. If your audience cannot find information that they are looking for, your content is not really optimized. Here are a few tips by Samantha Peters on writing skim-able content.

Free WordPress Theme Download

This week’s freebie is Adapt, a free WordPress theme with responsive layout, portfolio slider, blog page, and home page slider.


Finally, here are some useful and interesting stuff that you can take away today.

Step by Step Guide for Designing Clothespin Vector Illustration by Anderi Marius.

Free Printable Birthday/Thank You Cards by Jessica Jones.

Lastly, here is your chance to win a free 1 year membership of

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