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XML Driven jQuery Tabbed News & Content Slider: tNews

tNews is not just a news slider it’s a versatile content slider as well. Powered with jQuery and XML it provides a fully functional news slider with content management via XML file. It helps organize large number of news in categories and displays them in a nice looking tabbed interface, with each tab as a separate news category with navigation functionality. It also retains the position of each slide under each tab.

jQuery Tabbed News and Content Slider Plugin


  • XML Driven
  • Multi Category
  • Tabbed UI

Using XML Driven Tabbed News & Contents Slider

Using the tNews plugin is very straight forward, you just need to add a block element (div) and call the initializer function of news slider. Before that you need to add.

  • A reference to latest jquery library
  • A reference to style sheet for tnews
  • A reference to tnews plugin script
 <script type="text/javascript">
        $(document).ready(function () {
            $('#t-news-wrapper').tnews({ newsfeed: 'news.xml',target:'_blank' });

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