EGrappler is a free portal for open source tools, plugins, scripts and controls for web developers and engineers. We provide freebies and open source solutions to assist rapid development of web applications powered by PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, ASP.Net and other programming languages.

The Team

Muhammad Shahbaz Saleem – Founder

Muhammad Shahbaz Saleem is an enterprise application developer and a strong advocate of re-usability and cross-platform development. He is also an admirer of interactive UI technologies and love to play with AJAX, CSS, JQuery etc. Since 2005, he has been involved in solving architectural problems and evolving complex requirements into simple and robust solutions for desktop, mobile and the Web. He loves C# and ASP.NET and has been using them to provide solutions like call center applications, code analyzers, B2B integration, compensation planning and many more businesses.

As a person, he is opinionated and always love a good debate; I have a lot to say about software engineering, design patterns, service-oriented architecture and mobile computing.

Sarfraz Shoukat – Co-Founder

Sarfraz is a pro-blogger and graphic artist. He is often found in eureka moments – struck by creative solutions to complex problems. Sarfraz tinkers his new ideas and whisks them with his own flavours by developing beautiful designs and prototypes. He is a passionate foodie too but it does not hurt us because most of his eureka moments occur when his hands are smitten with food and ketchup.

Waqas Aleem 

Waqas is a critical thinker and deals with all the grey areas between idea and implementation. Besides his role as product/ business analyst, Waqas is an avid technology write, audiophile, and busy gardener.