jQuery Clear and Easy Tooltips: gips

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19 Responses

  1. victor says:

    Great plugin! I just wish a user could hold it for as long as he wants by placing his mouse on it. When he removes cursor – it closes by its timeout.

  2. hrish says:

    Hey, Great work. Just wanted to know if Tooltip can be shown on top of a text box on button click.

  3. Great plugin! I’m a firm believer in utilizing tooltips on web forms for enhanced usability. I’ll give gips a try!

  4. A very neat effect, can I use the plug-in for navigation menus, or only for styling textboxes?

  5. Herschle says:

    Hi, how could i make the tooltip show on hover and hide the tooltip when i remove the mouse over?

  6. Sarfraz says:

    Thank you for sharing such a useful plugin. It saved a lot of my time.

    I have placed three textboxes in a row and applied gips on the last textbox, I am having a position issue. Please refer to this link for more details:


    Looking forward for your reply.

  7. Dorababu says:

    Hi what should I do if I would like to do like this, on hover i would like to show just a tool tip with out close button on clicking I would like to pop up a tool tip with close button .

  8. Sefa OZMEN says:

    Hi Dear…
    Thanks for all works.. I liked all..
    Bu I want ask a question; How can I use gips with mouseover or OnBlur mode..??
    for example I want use;

    Best Regards.

  9. Rodel says:

    I tried using this in my MVC application. However, it only works on IE. Doesn’t seem to work on Chrome and Firefox. What am I missing?

  10. Very straightforward solution. I like the markup too.
    Most tooltip solutions require tons of BS to go through so I will give this a go in my next project. 🙂

  11. Hi there,

    I suggest you do not use an image for the close tag. Its hard to style it using CSS. I suggest you use something like to add the close button.

    • Thanks for the valuable suggestion. I’ll definitely incorporate it in to gips.

    • JoshW says:

      I agree. I’m keeping all my icons in a single sprite sheet to reduce http requests. I’ve changed line 18 in the plugin to be a span, then I’ve used a background image in the CSS (+width and height). I’d also recommend getting rid of all the extra space in the css for all the single declarations.

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