jQuery Picture Preload Plugin: Sensible Preloader

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8 Responses

  1. uc says:

    Nice script. But how can i stop the script from displaying a random image when i reload the page?

  2. Andrew says:

    Having some trouble getting this to work in IE7..works beautifully in other browsers though. Any suggestions?

  3. can you add a support for loading images from xml file to any target element

  4. martthewz says:

    Thanks for the plugin. Can it be implemented with background images in css but i don’t know my way around jquery. Any solution for that?

    • Well martthews you dont need to do anything special, images are images whether they are used in background in they are used as element, you simply need to pass the array of images that you want to preload. For example if your css contains a class like

      you just need to pass your image path to preload plugin, it will do the rest for you 🙂 Actually it is the first request that is served from the actual location, subsequent request are served from browser’s cache.

  5. Lightweight and easy plugable! nice plugin.

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