jQuery Social Media Share and Bookmark Plugin: jsShare

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  1. Williams says:

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  3. Troy says:

    Cool plugin 🙂 Couple of ideas:

    Twitter share should use the twitter intents functionality (new URL, and extra options such as VIA, Related, etc).

  4. Abu Mohmmad Shoyeb says:


    Thanks for your nice effort. It is working fine my asp.net website. Will you please tell me, how do I show Thumbelina images when I will share my site.

    Thanks for your advance co-operations.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Really….outstanding site and content listed here.
    The publications on this website really are insightful!
    ! 😉 Any sort of RSS feed on this website???
    I had been looking for constantly up to date posts relating to
    social media.

  6. Udeh says:


  7. Udeh says:


  8. Rajan says:

    very nice example.thanks a ton

  9. Ali says:

    Very nice example. Thanks.

  10. Ali says:

    Very nice share plugin. Thanks for plugin.

  11. Kedar says:

    Thank You So Much It helps me to do my project.

  12. pm99 says:

    I’m trying to use this in a mobile jqmobi app using appmobi xdk.
    i’ve followed the instructions.
    1. added the two script and one link tags in the head section
    2. added the special jsshare script tag
    3. added the tag calling the buttons.

    I see the only the ‘+’ button and the animation of bar expansion but no buttons in them.
    My path to the scripts I believe to be ‘./jsShare.js’ (i’m working in my local dev machine).
    my icons are in the ‘images’ folder and are visible.

    Any thoughts?
    Appreciate it.

    • You need to put the images folder in the same directory where you’ve placed you html file. I’ll add another parameter later to pass exact path to images directory.

      • pm99 says:

        Thanks for replying Muhammad,
        Yes, i have the images folder in the same place as my html file.

        BTW. I’m developing for mobile. Your demo works great in a desktop browser, but I just opened it in iOs safari and while the buttons load, they do not open a page when clicked.

        So I’m wondering if this is strictly for a desktop platform? Anybody else trying to use this in a mobile platform?

        Thanks for your time.

      • Dewayne says:

        I have the same problem. Also under jquery mobile the page has to be refreshed to show.

  13. Alec says:

    The message board swallowed up the “img”s in my original post. Here it is again.

    The plugin doesn’t work out of the box if referenced from a web page rendered by servlet or just resides in a folder that doesn’t contain the jsShare folder. The problem is that all social media icons have hard-coded “src” attributes. Instead, the “img”s should have IDs assigned and “img”s URLs should be configured in the CSS files so that they can be easily overridden, e.g.:
    img#facebook {
    src: url(“images/facebook.png”);

  14. nathiya says:

    I tried this application It works fine.but I don’t want image. I want to get the facebook login page directly
    please tell me the solution,
    Thanks in advance.

  15. Guillaume says:

    Hi friend,

    Really nice blog. your post jQuery social media share and bookmark plugin

  16. I need some help implementing this. All but three of the images aren’t showing… where do the script reference the images or where is it pulling from so I can correct it?

  17. Kumhofer says:

    Can someone please expand on the Google+ button?

  18. Kelle says:

    This is a wonderful plugin, thanks 🙂

    I had some issues with the yoursiteurl and yoursitetitle being overwritten by the document url and title so I made the following amendments to lines 44 and 45 of jsShare.js:

    .replace(‘{ADDRESS}’, encodeURIComponent((settings.yoursiteurl==””?location.href:settings.yoursiteurl)))
    .replace(‘{TITLE}’, encodeURIComponent((settings.yoursitetitle==””?document.title:settings.yoursitetitle)))


    .replace(‘{ADDRESS}’, encodeURIComponent((location.href))
    .replace(‘{TITLE}’, encodeURIComponent(document.title))

    Just in case it’s something you want to look into 🙂

  19. Maria says:

    Very nice!! Works out of the box. A quick question. As I’ve turn off the animation, is there any way to replace the small icons with biggers?

    Thank you

  20. Maria says:

    Very nice and works out of the box (at least for me). Just a question. I’ve turn off animation. Is there any way to replace the small icons with bigger ones?

    Thank you

  21. Web Design Forum says:

    hi buddy I got it working. it didn’t work because in function.php it was loading jquery. once i deleted that it worked fine.

    so if anyone is using the BLANK-Theme as a template and cant get this to work. open up function.php and delete the Jquery function inside.

    Thanks for this great plugin my site is pretty much finished just a few updates will probably be made over the next few weeks check it out I have a forum on there too so sign up and get people to join.


    • Usman says:

      hi buddy – how did you fix that? I am having same problem with images/buttons. I am using this plugin in an asp.net user control. I have tried all image paths but just buttons/images dont show up. All i am doing is referening jQuery at the top of the page but it doesnt work. Any help please

      • Liam says:

        My problem was that I was loading Jquery twice. so just make sure its being loaded once and the image paths are correct

  22. Liam says:

    Hey buddy im still having problems, I have the plugin in the header of my site works great for a static site but on my blog (wordpress) it doesn’t show and I have tried http://www.riak.uk.com/wp-content/blah/blah/images/

    tried just /images/

    tried /wp-content/blah/blah/images/

    Nothing seems to work. If i had hair long enough I would pull it out. I will be really grateful for your help on this.

  23. Liam says:

    Does this work with wordpress? my whole site works in wordpress but I cant get this plugin to load. The javascript loads fine. Maybe im missing something but i dont think so it worked on my static site. Please help me.

    • This is a jQuery plugin it can be plugged into any web site. For wordpress it wont attach to posts automatically, you have to add to each post manually.
      Im also working on wordpress version of this plugin.

  24. narrenfrei says:

    Very nice plugin!
    Would be great, if using an URL shortener for twitter.


  25. nurettin says:

    wow very like this script

  26. nick says:

    you have Live Messenger…. but not Myspace? lol uhhhhh…. don’t know what was going through your mind when you made that decision

  27. Javi says:

    Thank you very much, very useful plugin

  28. Arfan says:

    Nice plugin!!!

    Just a quick observation. The icons vanish as soon as i click the + button. There should be some animation..
    i.e; they should hide one by one as the bar collapses. and similarly they should show up one by one as the bar expands. Hope you agree. One thing more; the “+” symbol should be changed to “-” when the bar is in expanded state.

    Arfan Baig

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