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Privacy Policy

egrappler.com or is a website provided by The Eighth, LLC. By using egrappler.com, and its associated subdomains, including but not limited to widgets. egrappler.com (collectively, the “Site”), you, the User, agree to the terms of the Policy. The Policy in its entirety can be found below. To make it easier to digest our Policy, the following bullet points provide an overview of our Policy and the significant control you have over how your data is shared:

You may control the collection of information associated with you by emailing admin@egrappler.com. We do not sell your Personally Identifiable Information and Protected Private Information to third parties.

Privacy Policy
Collectively, the sire aims to collect email addresses upon theme downloading. You can choose to opt out of the mailing list upon entering your email address. In addition, you can unsubscribe as any time within the newsletters themselves. Once collected, there are certain parties with whom The Eighth, LLC may selectively share this information. This policy applies to any use of the Service.

If you find any part of the Policy unacceptable, please discontinue your use of the Service immediately and the Terms of Service for your email collected. Your use of any or all components of the Service, including but not limited to the Site, constitutes a knowing acceptance and agreement to the terms and provisions of the Policy.